Alan and the team have received a letter from the Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital of Emergency and lntensive Care Hospital in Lviv, Ukraine, which outlines the items they desperately need to treat their patients.

Read the letter here.

At this difficult time for our country, caused by the military aggression of the Russian
Federation against Ukraine, we are forced to ask for Your help. Our medical union is the largest
medical organization in Ukraine and the main one in Western region in providing emergency medical
care. It consists of three hospitals, one of which is a children’s hospital. During the year 100 000
patients (250-300 patients every day) get specialized and highly specialized medical care in the
abovementioned hospitals.
In the conditions of martial law, we are ready to provide round-the-clock medical care to
patients, who have suffered in a result of hostilities and other people who need medical care.
We ask You to provide humanitarian aid in the form of medical equipment, medicines and
medical devices, which we need to save lives and health of victims of the military aggression of the
Russian Federation against Ukraine. We attach the general list and will be very grateful for any help.

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