On March 13th 2022, the UkraineFoodTruck team appeared in a polish newspaper covering the work they are doing at the border thanks to donors like you.

The title of the article translates to ‘The Four Musketeers from the Green Island’.

Read the full article here.

An extract from the article:
Surely each of us has heard about the story of the Three Musketeers in Dumas’ novel, joined by the young d’Artagnan. For over 150 years, readers have been using this book to relive their heroic deeds. Meanwhile, the real heroes are brought to us by the difficult reality. And so the Musketeers in the 21st century did not come to us from France, but from Ireland. They do not travel by horse, but by car. And most importantly, they help not the king, but the refugees from Ukraine, the number of which is constantly increasing in our country.

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